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Is Margaret Thatcher dead?

No of course she bloody isn’t. Just like she wasn’t dead the last hundred times she was dead.

This time, the “news” was tweeted by an account named @OfficialSkyNews, which is not an official Sky News account (and has now been deleted). Her Wikipedia page was also briefly updated to reflect the news, which was not true.

The last time Margaret Thatcher was not dead was May this year, when a French news outlet got taken in by a tweet from an account called @CBruniOfficial, which was not an official account of former French first lady Carla Bruni. 

We will attempt to update this post every time Margaret Thatcher is not dead. However, in the absence of updates, it is generally safe to assume that the answer to the question “Is Margaret Thatcher dead?” is always “no.”

CAVEAT: At some point, it seems plausible that Margaret Thatcher will in fact be dead. When that time comes, here are some actual real accounts of major news organisations: @BBCBreaking@reuters, @AP, @AFP@SkyNewsBreak, @guardian, @thetimes, @nytimes, @washingtonpost, @AJEnglish , @BreakingNews, @BreakingNewsUK and, what the hell, @TMZ. Allowing for the possibility of hacks, falling for hoaxes, and so on, we would recommend waiting for at least three of these to independently report the news of Lady Thatcher’s demise before believing it.

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